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Over the past years Jardim Vista has enjoyed extensive media attention, both by their regular participation in the home and garden make-over show 'Querido Mudei a Casa' and other TV shows like Discovery Channel's 'Impossible Engineering' or RTP Internacional 'Network Negócios'.

Below you can also explore a selection of magazine articles, press reports and interviews on the latest company's achievements and milestones.

Imprensa Jardim Vista na imprensa

  • Jardim Vista Landscaping

    Artigo na Revista Essential Algarve.

    1 Set 2016

  • Garden Genius

    14 Mai 2013

  • Shaping the beauty of nature

    Fonte: The Algarve Resident

    9 Mai 2013

  • A Mature Portfolio

    Leading landscape company Jardim Vista provides a glimpse of its superb projects.

    Fonte: Essential Algarve nr. 72 (2012)

    26 Jun 2012

  • Jardim Vista

    Landscape company stays ahead of the game.

    Fonte: Essential Algarve nr. 65 (2011)

    25 Jun 2012

  • Diálogo Portugal - Rússia

    Fonte: Dialogo Portugal - Russia (2009)

    27 Mai 2010

  • Jardim Vista and The Vale d Oliveiras Resort

    Fonte: Essential Algarve

    1 Jul 2009

  • O Visionário dos Jardins

    Sucre, 2008

    Fonte: Sucre Homes

    1 Out 2008

  • Entrevista com Richard Westcott

    Fonte: Imobiliária (2008)

    15 Set 2008

  • ARQA - Magazine de Arquitetura

    Fonte: ARQA

    1 Ago 2008